Lodging your complaint

There are two ways to bring your complaint to The Retail Ombudsman;

1. By post – if you do not have access to the Internet you can telephone 0203 540 8063 and ask one of our team members to post a complaint form to you. Send your completed form to: The Retail Ombudsman, 12 Walker Avenue, Stratford Office Village, Wolverton Mill, Milton Keynes MK12 5TW.

2. Online – if you have access to the Internet you can file your complaint via our online portal. To access this simply go to the homepage of the website and click on ‘Make a complaint’ within the correct sector (as shown in the image below).

image of complaint process for the retail ombudsman

Completing the complaint form:

We make determinations based on the applicable law and regulations and on what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances. In this respect the more information and supporting evidence we have the greater your chances of a successful outcome. We, therefore, ask that you are as thorough as possible when completing the complaint form and that you provide us with all of the evidence in support that you have.

What happens next:

As soon as you have filed your complaint you will be taken to your own personal online portal page. This page provides you with live information about your complaint so that you can check the progress at any time of day.

Note: Upon submission of your complaint one of our complaint handlers will firstly determine whether your complaint falls within The Retail Ombudsman’s jurisdiction. If it does not we will not be able to deal with your complaint and we will notify you in writing, by no later than 21 days, of the reasons why.

Once accepted, your complaint will go through a 5-step procedure as shown below.


image of retail ombudsman complaint portal for retail


image of complaint portal for airline complaints


You will be kept up-to-date with the progress of your complaint either via your personal online portal (if you have Internet access) or via telephone or post.

Once we have all relevant information and supporting documentation from yourself and the retailer/trader, your complaint handler will initially attempt to make a recommendation to resolve the dispute informally. If this proves unsuccessful we will issue a final determination. If you are not happy with the final determination you will be free to take your complaint to court.

We aim to resolve all complaints within 60 working days from the date we deem there is a complete complaint file (ie: when we have all necessary information and evidence).

In some instances this time period may be longer and beyond our control due to the following factors:

  • Delays in correspondence by either the passenger or the airline
  • If a recommendation by a complaint handler is not accepted by the passenger or the airline and the complaint goes to determination by the Ombudsman.

If you feel there may be a delay please contact your complaint handler or click here.


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