Independent Standards Board

The Independent Standards Board plays a vitally important role in ensuring that The Retail Ombudsman remains independent, impartial and fair. Its mandate is, therefore, to:

  • Make sure The Retail Ombudsman observes the criteria for ombudsman schemes at all times
  • Make sure The Retail Ombudsman observes its own terms or reference and rules at all times
  • Make sure The Retail Ombudsman maintains its independence and impartiality at all times, by reviewing and testing a selection of recommendations and determinations each month

The Independent Standards board is therefore completely independent from The Retail Ombudsman. The Board is governed by a set of rules and authorisations known as the “Standards Board Constitution”, a copy of which you can see by clicking here.

image of sir eric peacock the retail ombudsman

Sir Eric Peacock (Chairman)

Sir Eric has a wealth of experience in the Retail sector and is a well-known figure in Government as he sits as a non-executive director on various management boards (including UK Export and Finance and UK Trade & Finance and previously Department for Innovation & Skills and the Foreign office).

image of nicholas rhodes qc

Nicholas Rhodes QC

Nicholas Rhodes QC has a wealth of experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Nicholas is also a part-time judge.

image of calvin jackson

Calvin Jackson

Calvin Jackson spent two years as legal counsel in the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions. In recent years, Calvin has been at the Bar where he has advised on ADR.

image of dr fiona ellis-chadwick the retail ombudsman

Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick

Dr Ellis-Chadwick is an academic specialising in retail management at both the Open University and Loughborough University.

image of steve smith the retail ombudsman

Steve Smith

Steve Smith is the founder of Poundland and a renowned retailer and entrepreneur.

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