Meeting your needs

For the Deaf and hard of hearing

All staff at The Retail Ombudsman are trained to use the Text Relay service, if you are deaf or hard of hearing you can call us using the Text Relay service by BT

To make a call through the Text Relay service to us please dial (18002) 020 3540 8063, using either a textphone or the NGT app, when connected we will communicate with you via a Text Relay assistant.

We also have the capability to call you back using the same service.

The person who dials pays for the call, this is charged on the persons network bill as if the call was made from A to B like any standard telephone call. There is no extra charges for the Text Relay assistant.

Helpline provided by NGTS
Phone-users: 0800 73 11 888
Text-users: 0800 500 888
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 9am – 1pm (Excluding England and Wales public holidays)


If you need information about our services or would like to process your complaint with us in a language other than English, we can arrange for a translation in the following languages:


Please contact us with your request at If you prefer to receive the information on this website in hard copy we can send this to you.

Please therefore, do let us know what your particular needs are, and we will do our best to help. You can contact us about accessibility on 0203 137 8268


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